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Squat and Dead Form Check Please



only using light weight becuase im getting back into the swing after a long time off. Also my lower spine hurts a little after tonight… some butt wink on the squat maybe? thanks.


Dont know about anyone else… but i am not noticing any real butt wink. Question it looks like your shrugging your shoulders on the deadlift.


not noticed the shrugging to be honest. its not intentional if so.


could be my imagination…


thanks for the input man.


Looks decent. I like that you’re not wearing shoes. And I must say your beard game is tremendous.

Ditch the mixed grip on the deadlifts, especially since you’re coming back after time off and not using heavy weight. Mixed grip can cause problems later on and I’m sure you’d do fine using that weight with a double overhand grip so you might as well get the grip work in.


Thanks man!


Couldn’t agree more. I stopped deadlifting for a while and moved to trap bar.