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Squat and Dead 531 Saturday, Bench and Press 531 Sunday

I wondered who does both squats and deads 351 on sat, bench and press 351 on sundays? So all 4 main lifts on a 2 day (weekend) program?

I only lift weekends, wanted to know who lifts this way. Was going to run the 28 day program this way…

Any ideas , will this work? Or will flipping the weeks be better eg, squat 5wk and dead 3wk on week 1.


That would not be optimal. I have ran a cycle with Squat/Bench and Dead/Press combined and it worked ok but nothing like the progress when each lift has its own day. I think a better setup may be Squat/Bench Saturday and Dead/Press on Sunday or Just do one lift per day Squat Sat/Bench Sun next week Dead/Press and keep rotating.

Scroll down to weekend only training section for another approach, it’d take 6 weeks to get through cycles this way though.

Your right- each lift having its own day will allow me to hit rep prs much better i guess. And there will be more recovery right.

2 day BBB it is. Altrnating main lifts, so 6 week per cycle.

Thanks for input guys.

I’m in the same boat as to weekend only training. Some say such infrequent training won’t work (ie. One lift each day and taking two weeks to hit the four main lifts), but Jim says it will. I like the idea of two lifts each day, but again some say back to back isn’t optimal.

In Beyond, there is the two main lifts per day, one lift at 5/3/1 plus supplemental (BBB,BBS, FSL, etc) and the other just at 85% TM x3 reps, then alternate the next week. Similar to the busy man article with the upper, lower split. So you hit all four lifts, but you target only two for the bulk of the work per week (and it takes six weeks for a cycle).

Thanks guys.

What do you plan to do with your weekend only training then, Hunter13?

Im on BBB 6 week challenge, so do Squat 531 with Dead 5x10, and alternate the next week. 50%, 60%, 70%.

May attempt BBS or 5s PRO for next 6 weeks, so will do squat 531 reps with Dead 10x5 @70,75,80%s (BBS) or 3x5 (5PRO)

Then have a week deload, and repeat the 13 weeks again.

I’m leaning towards one lift each day. I work a heavy labour job during the week and come home on the weekends to split wood, play with the kids, and eat alot of home cooked meals.

By reading through posts, the two lifts a day template seems to be favored. But doesn’t seem to be recommended for back to back consecutive days. Question is, which template/accessory to use? BBB, BBS, or…?

Yes, thats the thing. Weekend training is two consecutive days, and 2 main lifts per day is too much imo.

I just think its much easier to put all focus on one main lift per day.

“Progress slow” right?

I have my 70% weeks coming up from the 2 day BBB challenge. Then i plan on using 5 pros for my opposing lift. Eg squat 531, Dead 5 pro, and alternate each week.

I think Jims 2x2x2 program from Beyond book, of 6 weeks hypertrophy and 6 weeks strength repeated throughout year, is best for me and my goals. Its just a complete program - cant complain. Thats my aim - conplete a year of 2x2x2 and assess.

Thanks for ideas and comments Hunter . Let me know how it goes.