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Squat and Clean Form Questions

on power cleans on the lowering phase where you lower the bar to your theighs (like the girl does in this video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TlbDQUWs0s
is this necessary?

because this is what ive been doing ever since i started them (not too long ago) but it seems like it just adds unecessary strain on the shoulders when you can just bring the bar to the ground without that part
and when i was doing it like that when i’d lower the bar id tippy toe a little bit when lowering it which is horrible on the knees
but would just dropping it straight to the ground be harmful to your back? cause i tried it this way and i found it hard to drop it to the ground without rounding my back because i couldnt lower it down slowly

and also on ATG squats ive found it hard to put the work on my heels and let my hams assist in pushing the weight up, i feel like im leaning too far forward and putting my back into it too much
im not sure if its a flexibility issue or what but to correct this should i widen my stance and maybe angle out my toes, and possibly use some 2.5 plates to rest my heels on when i try these?

k, no idea what you’re trying to explain, but power cleans are from the floor. Hang cleans are from the knee, roughly.

If you’re having trouble bringing the bar back to the ground, learn to deadlift. It’s the same form, because that’s how you lower weight properly (read, least risk).

You should be able to lower it slowly, if not you aren’t doing deadlifts.

If you aren’t doing deadlifts, you should be doing those now, before even bothering with the more difficult lifts in terms of complexity.

Those solutions to your ATG squats should all work.

I have had that problem on squats, I with lower weights I can get the weight on my heels, but When going for singles I cant manage it.

I did find low bar position helped it though.

i’ve had the same problems with lowering the weight to the ground doing power cleans too, especially when the weight used gets significantly higher. dropping the weight back to the thighs before lowering really puts a strain on my shoulders and upper back considering its hard to control the weight at that point.

if its possible, i think just dropping the weight would be the best really, like how they do it for the other olympic lifts. but this isnt always possible. so… tough luck?

I would say lower the weight quickly if possible but not exactly drop. just quicker than what she did.

Also for the squats, the low bar position really helped me out. Also try to drive with your hips like Rippetoe says: