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Squat and Bench Version of the Best Damn Strength Plan

Sir, it’s been a while I’ve been following your post and trying to reep the best out of it and also I get the most astonishing improvements my deadlift went from 170 kg to. 230kg. While working on your strength plan for natural lifter. I’m 74 kg competing in powerlifting and bit old 26 now
But want to just get strong as hell at squat
NEED your help please suggest something!!

I’ve modify it my self please correct me

Mon. Squat. Strength skill
Tue. Bench. Strength skill
Wed. Dead. ???
Thurs. Squat. Strength skill different exercise
Fri. Bench. Strength skill different exercise
Sat. ??? Don’t know what to do here
Sun. Off

Also accessory exercise I’ve no clue about??