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Squat and Bench 3RM Form Check


Someone asked me to post some clips of heavier sets so you could better critique my form. So here are some 3RMs from this week:

[b]Bench Form Check - 275x3[/b]

[b]Squat Form Check - 155x2, 265x3, 315x3[/b]

Thanks for helping me.


Form on both looks really solid to me, to be honest. I would say that your squats are very good, but they look a little awkward to me. Not like you are doing anything wrong, but like you might just ned to spend more time squatting. I would guess, and I could be wrong, that based on your bench strength vs your squat strength you have spent more time benching than squatting.

I don;t know what kind of programming your are following, but maybe increasing the frequency of your squatting would help you feel even more comfortable. If youre only squatting once a week, add some light squats in a second day. If you already do that, make those light squats a little heavier so you get more practice under heavy weight.

And if you’re already doing 2 heavier days, ass a third day where you just move the bar or 135 or something haha. I think squatting, perhaps even moreso than the other lifts, simply takes practice, rep after rep, to feel good.

Anyways, just what I’m thinking. Nice lifts though, no real criticism. Keep at it man.