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Squat Alternative In Meltdown I?


I workout in my home gym. I have one Olympic barbell and about 450LB in weights. I also have an EZ curl bar (takes Oly weights), and pairs of dumbbells that go to 90LB each.

I'm doing Meltodwn I starting tomorrow.

My problem is that with only the one Olympic bar (and limited weights), I can't do both deadlifts AND squats without substantially violating the "no rest" requirements.

I just finished Waterbury method (which majored on Squats, minored on deadlifts), so I really want to do deadlifts to start working on my posterier chain again.

Thus, I want to swap my squats out with something thats reasonably equivalent that works well with my home gym setup.

Having failed to come up with decent ideas myself, I was wondering if anyone here could spare me a thought?



Well you could buck up and drop the cash for another bar. its always nice to have an extra or four.

Other than that I would say do some unilateral work. High step ups with DB's or Lunges, or Bulgarian Spilt squats, or one legged squats, etc.

Or really man up and just clean the weight you are using for DL's and do front squats with it.

Hope that helps,


It's on my santa list... I also want to get my Power Cage modified before I get a second bar and more weights, so my timing sucked.

I think the single-leg work using dumbbells is a good option for me. I've not tried Bulgarian Splits so that's as good as any. I just finished step-ups in the Waterbury Method, so I rejected them - but I forgot all about single-leg squats. Duh. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I love your style. I have only just started practicing some of the more dynamic Olympic lifts, and I briefly considered one of these but decided I am not flexible enough (and hopefully stupid enough) to try these right now as part of what is stated as being a very demanding workout. But as I said, I love your style! One day, one day... :slight_smile:

Thanks again!



Only four? Dude, you need eight, at least.

I think the clean part at the end of your DL is an excellent idea.