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Squat Activation


I recently found that if I un-rack the bar before squatting and balance on each foot one at a time with my knee slightly bent (for about 30 seconds or until I lose balance), and then follow it with a regular squat, the load feels much lighter. I don't do this with really heavy weight, usually just on my warm up and earlier ramping sets. Could this be a useful form of activation for the squat?

It might just be me, but If others try this, let me know if it works for you too.


Considering that squats require knee stability, this would indeed be a decent activation technique. Jump/ballistic squats would be better for purposes of high performance mass training, though.

While rep quality in the max force training zone is the dominating factor for generating high performance mass, I'd definitely pay attention to that number you mentioned for balance.

How long you're able to balance will help provide you with a gauge of your neural capacity for a given day. The longer you're able to balance, the more likely your CNS will be capable of increasing its time in that max training zone Thibs discussed.

Hope that helps!



Makes sense, thanks. What I like about it is that it doesn't take much extra time and effort to do right before a set. I'm guessing it could probably benefit ankle stability too (I squat barefoot).