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Squat 6 [O] Bench 4 [X] and Be Leaner [ / ]


32, 215ish 12-13% BF
PRs 565 (box)-365 (345 pause)-635
Married lives in Playa Del Carmen

-General Health (mobility, conditioning, get back to 205ish or less)
-Squat 600 and/or 3x BW
-Bench 400 and or 2x BW
-In January I start the get shredded process

Based around the Big 3 then I will do strongman medleys or circuits. Probably adding in 2 a days.

2300-2600 and will add in high carb meals when needed (cheats or clean doesn’t matter until January then it’s lock down).

Running Test 250 E4D. I will post when a dosage changes or something is added or dropped. I am going through an experimentation phase before January.

After a couple months of deload time I am ready to get back to chasing goals and turning down dinner parties (and all parties for that matter). I joined a Crossfit Gym (with strongman stuff) because my old/other gym is in a continuous process to suck more, pretty soon the free weights will be kept in a locked closet. Also I always wanted to try Strongman stuff which will bring up my conditioning much more effectively and less cheese grater to the facily than gerbal wheels ever could.

I am dealing with some aches, mobility and as always squat form issues so the weights will be capped at 405 (stupid bumper plates) for a month and I will do a mix of speed and pause work for Deads and Squats. Hopefully by January I can find some skinny plates to get rolling towards a 600 Squat. (Most of December I will be in Torreon and at a gym that will probably have real plates.)

Recently I thought I wanted to bulk and I reached a new heaviest of 221 but I felt like an unflexible version of the Ghostbusters’ Stay Pufft person. I hate those feels and also a 600 squat wont mean anything if I weigh 220.

Also just finished trying some Anavar which now I am actually pretty sure is some cocktail of Albuterol and shit #FKmexiROIDS and also why I am starting my own “Supplement” supply. That has been a huge headache and what will turn out to be a 4 month process just acquiring all the supplies needed (the actual raws were sooo easy).

So with all that out of the way lets DO THIS!!!


Fucking in. Your other log was full of strongggg shit, so I know this one will be rad.


Aaaaaaaaaaand you’re back
Good luck with your goals mate

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Here’s hoping I dont disappoint!!!

AM Workout
Warmup stuff
Muscle Ups 6-2 #stillFAT
Bench 3-2-1s @ 135-185-225-255-285-315-315
Bent Over Row SUPA SET with Bro Press*
8 Tire Flips SUPA SET with 10 Pullups single ring undergrip pullups #BICEPS

Bench was pretty shitty, I never got the bench set how I wanted and I also think I need more than 48 hours between sessions (Wendesday I hit 3@315)

*Bro Press: I put my feet up and use a fast bouncy rhythm with a ROM from lockout to about 2 inches above my chest. I do this to improve my lock out which has been permanently damaged from Bro Spotting (which is when dudes are used to upright rowing their partners bench press to impress love interests).

Went in with my wife to Globo gym to hit arms and abs (still ashamed I am training abs but when in Rome I guess).

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Box Jumps
Stop Box Jumps
Yolk carry with 240lbs added…no idea how much the bar weighs but at least my yoke is progressing

Squat Form actually felt good but everything felt heavy as shit, kind of disheartening despite there being a ton of culprits mainly some quad tendonitis and minor sickness/albutavar hangover. Either way, I am going to take a higher rep approach until torreon or until my sciatica flares.

Workout #1
Squat 10s to failure 135-225-275-315+20s
Workout #2 and so forth
Squat 5s through last completed, max reps @ failed

So if I hit 315 for 10 and 335 for 8 I would do 5s @ 135-225-275-315 and Max to 10 @ 335, if I hit 10 I add 20 pounds. Limit the warmup sets to 4 or 5. #BRINGontheDOMS

Now thanks to life wifey and I are going on a top secret date later to escape said life (friends, technology, work, the shame of election results, the normal)

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Glad you’re back brother, missed you.

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I almost had a lazy in bed day. I am very glad I didnt, I have been a little down on the world lately but seeing people be nice to each other over beers, football and BBQ reminded me people are good. #breadandcircus

I am in a Bond fan group on facebook and a trivia question was asked (like what always comes up but this one was exceptionally menial) and a person asked if we really had nothing better to do on a sunday. That and Luke Cage got me to the gym today. (So, new name of log to keep me focused!!!)


From the low handles

Half assed abs, skipped biceps :smiley: because football and all you can eat BBQ where my wife ate 2 plates of just ribs (and of course every thing else) and stabbed me through the heart by saying “I found ribs too late (in life)”. I have personally made ribs for her and her family off the top of my head twice.


hashtag DONTletHERseeYOUcryINtheSHOWERlater

But seriously this BBQ game was on point. The chicken had the skin on and was spiced perfectly with a red pepper mixture. The hamburgers were like 60-40 (beef fat ratio) after being cooked somehow. There was both pork and beef ribs and they were also wet rub and used sugar*. And anything with a bone fell off of it.

*I use a dry rub with out sugar because sugar is the worst for you but when it comes to ribs it makes all the difference. So I am not really upset by the ribs comment but I am impressed/happy she ate all those ribs. She needs more protein in her diet.

Oh, and work is going great about 45% done and pretty much freerolling. Time to see how much water I can drink and fall asleep before the Sunday Night football!!! #EARLYBIRDS

For future training I am thinking of just making a weekly checklist and going through as I feel like it. Oh and I think high reps with lower weight will actually help with the quad tendonitis.


AM Bench+

Paused 3-2-1s@

Bro Press 2*10 @ 135-225

Power Row 10@275
Military Press 8@125
Pullups 10
Puke Rest Repeat for 3 sets total #mycardioisshit

Triceps, Biceps Lateral raises and abs…I have never gotten a pump this damn easy, ever.


Power Rows I thought I went crazy when nobody else knew what they were but Bradley Martin did them the other day and called them that as well so BOOM!!! NOT CRAZY!!! or as crazy as Ithought. Also brag I can power row 4 plates cleaner than he can.

BENCH! Was supposed to be Dum Press Volume but I just couldnt leave it alone and went to globo gym and paused the 355 and 365 so new PRs. Also lift offs add like 100lbs to every bench. Honestly when I am working with anything over 315 I need it because taking it out of the rack with 335 actuall lifts my feet/butt off the ground/bench and I have to completely reset. Shoulder is feeling pretty good as well.

Added 55ish mg of Winstrol today. Couple of things on that. I have been a big nay sayer of winstrol because last time the stuff I got was both shit and crushed my elbows and I had little to no upside. I assume my elbows will blow up in a few weeks and I will cut the winstrol but at least this time I think I am already getting strength and pump gains from it and the fat will probably melt off too. Time will tell.

ALSO I WILL NEVER BY ROIDS FROM ANYBODY EVER AGAIN!!! I will either make them, buy them from the pharmacia or buy them from a super trusted online source. FK MEXI ROIDS!!! They are all counterfeit BS.

That’s some nice benching. Turning a slight shade of green here.

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I love how I’m not the only simpsons geek

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Lose some money out of my wallet? meh, hope somebody who needed it found it
Forget my flip flops somewhere? meh, I prefer to be barefoot anyways
Lose my wife somewhere? meh, she knows where we live
Lost my phone? meh, I could use a new one

A little context. I only wear my squat shoes in the squat rack or walking to find plates. When I am done squatting the shoes come off. If I have to go to the bathroom I will take them off or hold it. When I go home I put them on the kitchen table. My wife now moves them to the couch instead of the floor because I will put them back on the kitchen table. They are my children.

I forgot my squat shoes at the gym and didn’t realize it until this morning. I got back there and saw them and gave them this huge hug, let out a “MI ZAPATOS!!” and called wifey to let her know they were safe and sound. The 3 people there this morning laughed at me, but they understood.


Back Squat
10s @ 135-225-275-315-345 (this was brutal)

Some GHR Sumos and Abs

Did a ton of 5-8 rep sets @ 135 to get my quad warmed up, it worked. Sciatica flared up not sure when, I think I bounced out of the hole too hard on a couple on my last set and then the sumos didnt help.


and Deads worked up to 455 for a few sets with straps. I think I have my Hook grip on lock now. I was trying to put my thumb to far into my hand causing unnecessary pain. Man good coaches would be well worth the money!!

THE ONLY SQUAT CUES I NEED: CHEST UP, Knees out, yea I really think that chest up solved a ton of my recent issues.


Damn, you are strong, mate.

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To take away the good from this holiday I am thankful for all the normal cookie cutter stuff, loved ones, health, steroids yada yada but this year I am thankful for LARRY WILLIAMS!!! He is what happens when an elite athlete dedicates himself to powerlifting at a young age. I love powerlifting and the athletes that do it, but aside from Blaine Sumner we probably weren’t even making any college rosters. Even Ray Williams who was talented but just wasnt big enough at 6’ to get a scholarship offer. I also love that he doesn’t claim natty or dodge the question. THANK YOU!!!


Yoke carries 385lbs for around 50ish meters probably 4-6 sets, its hard to count when your life is flashing before your eyes. Heavy Yoke walks are too heavy for active recovery.

11-24 BENCH+
Bench 5s @ 95-145-195-225-255 and 7.5@285

CIRCUIT 3 sets 8-10 reps each exercise:
Trap bar Rows with 230
Military Press 135


First Day of 5-3-1. For this block I will only be doing Bench and Deads 5-3-1. The Squats will stay 10 rep sets until Torreon. I will make a few adjustments to the 5-3-1 but for me the important thing is training cycles and structure.

Focusing on conditioning a lot these next 2 months, I want to be primed for a january cut.

I am finally leaning out a bit (despite eating so many cough drops I should be including them in my macros).

My poker computer broke yesterday and I am already feeling a million times less stressed, so that couldnt have come at a better time. hahahaha when life breaks your work computer take a vacation.

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MarkKo told me I was spinning my wheels by not having a more structured program so I am starting a more structured program…he might not have said that exactly in words but more by example.

I was going to do 5-3-1 with some adjustments but by the time I was done making my adjustments all I kept was the waves so I am calling my program “Surfing”. For Progress I will use the max rep sets as a 1RM estimate and half the difference between last number and new number and never go backwards. 2nd workout of the day is optional and would be leftovers, conditioning or BBing.

Several 5 rep sets at 135 warming up the quad.
1.5@405 and the bar slipped off my back in the hole, rather ridiculous
With some help got the bar back up and hit 405 for 10. This really got into my hamstrings so that was nice. Knees didnt feel great though. Winstrol might not be long for my stack.

Speed Dead 1s to 5*1@405

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Says the guy with a bigger bend and DL and pretty equal squat. Happy I could kind of help though.

Looks good, I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

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Different weight classes man,and when you see someone doing something better than you it is silly not to mimic them, regardless of current numbers.

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Although last time I looked you were about 20 lbs lighter…

OK, you’re going to make me blush dude.

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I dont use ammonia but I left a towel in my gym bag for about a week that is rather potent.


I had just finished with my top set and a lady took a break from her seated dumbell curls to come over and ask me how many more sets I had. I told her 2 and offered to work in with her. She scoffed and ran off to come back 3 minutes later yelling about me being on the bench for an hour while supersetting that with tapping on her watchless wrist and ran downstairs to tell on me. If you include the 15 minute walk from my house it was 39 minutes from that to the bench being stripped, wiped and me headed to a different area.

After it was all said and done she didnt even use the bench. LOL GLOBO GYM!!!


Benched too close together and had less rest time between sets than normal (way before the lady yelling I was already moving very fast).

Hopefully later I hit some gunz.

GO BLUE!!! Going to smahs some gorditas and coffee and ignore the world for a few hours. Not exactly with high hopes of a Michigan win but if they lose I have a pretty fun squat workout to do.

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A computer just for poker?

Degenerate gamblers know you need a BIG screen to see all those tables at the same time!


I used to have two 42" Monitors for tables and a 30" for tracking software and ran another laptop for entertainment but now I only play HU so no need. Those things made my office hot as shit. I just spent 40 minutes looking through old facebook photos trying to find the set up but to no avail but I know when I stop looking for it it will pop up in a stupid facebook memory.


Deadlift Wave 1
5s @
Front Squat 5s @ 135-185-225-255-275

Deads I used hook grip for most until stuff felt like it would tear then went double overhand, 435 was with straps.

Nothing rough today, I think I will really like the structure and reps at much lighter than normal weights.

Met someone new who happens to be a friend of a friend and fellow powerlifters all around. I am always so weird about meeting women in the gym. Generally I ignore them as sort of a public service as I assume from their first rep to their last some douche is over there trying to “correct their form”. But when they initiate contact it is this weird balance in my head to not overstep as a husband and to enjoy talking to a fellow gym goer and then again to introduce them to my wife with out them thinking I am thinking they are hitting on me. If any of that made sense you are either married, insane or some combination.

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! Going to skip the handegg until bed time at 8pm off to watch the new potterish movie. Day 3 of vacation has me going insane as in 2 weeks I will be on another 3 week vacation AAAGHHH!!! The struggle is real…ly annoying to hear about I would assume LOL