Squat 5x5 All Time Best - Monolith

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible program that is Building the Monolith. Prior to this six week journey, my all time Squat 5x5 best was 330 pounds. Anything over 350 was typically a single set.

I’m 38 years old, wife, kid, job, and started “Building the Monolith” mid-December weighing 218 pounds and completed Week 6 Day 1 yesterday; I now weigh 230 pounds, and completed my top squat sets with consistent speed at 5x5@375 pounds! I was a little scared of this workout going into it, and I crushed it.

I’m a subscriber to your private forum and plan on running Krypteia after a deload to keep and improve upon my new found strength/strength endurance - that program seems like the perfect follow-up to Building the Monolith.