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Squat 5x5 2 Times a Week Question


I started a week ago a variation of Westside for Skinny Bastard. My question is what would be the best:

  • 2times a week 6x5 back squat(my max is 5x105kg right now so that's not like I was squat some fucking huge load)
    -1time 6x5 back squat and 1time 6x5front squat
    -1 time 6x5 back squat and 1 times 5x10 medium-heavy squat

keep in mind I do some sandbag conditioning(zercher squat, lungues) 1-2 times a week

DAY 1:
squat to a max 5
bench press to a max 5
DB Incline Press 10-10-8-6
DB Bent-over rows 15-12-12-10

clean to a max 5
deadlift to a max 5
pull up 4x12
Romanian DL 10-8-8-6

DAY 3:
Push Press to a max 5
Dips 3xmax
Chin-up 4x12
Barbell curl 10-8-8
Plate gripping 3x1min

DAY 4 :
squat to a max 5?
Barbell lunges 15-12-10-8
Barbell Rows max 5
Barbell Shrugs 15-12-10-5


Why not just follow WSBSB? Why do you feel like you need to change it? Its a great program(as well as the original Westside). If you dont feel like doing those then look into Bill Starr/Madcow 5x5 program.


+1, I would go with 5x5 for now. You will get more out of Liner Progression than Westside at this stage (I am assuming you are a beginner) The increases in weights on WS would not be quick enough, you should do the main lifts, add weight each week until you can't progress this way any more.


What you have outlined is not Westside for skinny bastards. It's much closer to a 5x5 variation. I think your program could work, but I wouldn't necessarily try to work up to a max 5 for that many exercises every week. Start with weights that take some effort for a set of 5, but not a max effort to get 5 reps. Then add 5 pounds a week to the top set. This will likely keep you from stalling early.
The other alternative is to do the WS4SB program as written.