Squat 5/3/1 and Deadlift 5/3/1 Same Day?

I read in an interview with the boss, that it is okay to combine squats and deadlifts, isn´t it?
For example …

Press 531

Squats 531 + FSL
Deadlifts 531 + FSL

Bench Press 531

I think about it because I want to do a lot of more cardio, especially running and my legs a done after the squat and deadlift days.

Does day 2 really seem like a good idea? If you’re toast after one day, why would you combine these, and then try to keep the FSL on top of that? Also didn’t you just ask about some kind of 3 day routine with cleans that you wanted to do over an established template?

Just pick a lighter volume template and try also running on lower body days (but after lifting) to squeeze a few more runs in. Don’t try to crank up the running without dialing back the lifting.

All of the training that involves a heavy amount of running, none squat and DL the same day. None. If one can’t recover enough the answer is simple: the programming needs to change. Too many people want their cake and eat it too - doesn’t work like that in training.

My template is fix, I wrote it down in the other thread.

It was a short thought because my legs are done after the squat day.