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Squat 3 Times A Week Advice

Hello, I am wanting to Squat 3 times a week but don’t really know how to go about. Could I do one day where I work Up to a Heavy Triple, One day A Heavy Single/Triple and then another just volume? Could anyone help me? THANK YOU



DAY 1 - Volume
DAY 2 - Light
DAY 3 - Heavy


Seconded. Try the interweb for some info on the Texas Method, which is basically what above is. I am currently running a modified TM version myself. In essence the working sets are:

Mon - 5x5 with 80%-90% of your 5RM
Wed - 2x5 with 80% of Monday’s weight
Fri - 1x5 with your 5RM

If you hit your 5RM on intensity day, add some more poundage for the following week.

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My thoughts exactly.

@nogearoridea - didn’t you start 5/3/1 a week or two ago? What happened to that, you quit already? There are 5/3/1 templates that have you squatting 3 times a week, but I still don’t see why you are determined to squat three times a week. I would make it a goal to get stronger rather than just training the same lift more often.

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I found 3x/week was the sweet spot.
M: Heavy
W: Heavy
F: Deads and light squat or variation

What’s best is the highest frequency you can recover from and make progress. This approach will yield the fastest gains, however eventually as your poundage rises you will create more stress due to greater neural efficiency in addition to the increased loading.

The easiest way to set this up is a TM. You will need to figure out whether the sequence will be VLH, or HLV, or some other arrangement. Also the percentages will and should vary according to the individual.

How would you get stronger on a specific lift then?

By consistently training hard, not hopping from program to program.

You have to remember that there are three lifts in powerlifting, you need to get stronger in all of them. All you have to do is train each lift appropriately, there is no magic number for frequency and twice a week is likely just as good as three. If you don’t know how to set up a program that has you squatting 3x/week then either hire a coach or do something else.