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Squat 230 x 16 But Only 280 x 2


Hit a PR today (230 by 16). Squats were ATG and I'm happy with form. Last week I only did 280 X 2. I felt like form was bad (turned into good mornings). Week before was 265 X 6. Week before 250 X 11. Week before 270 X 5. So basically when I get to around 265 things start falling apart. I feel like I should be getting more reps at these higher weights. Is this just to be expected or am I doing something wrong?

My solution was to drop the weight down today but I'm not sure that will help. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


I wouldn’t worry about this - I’m not sure if someone told you differently, but if they did, they are an idiot. You had a PR - it is a record and it doesn’t always indicate what you can do on an average day. You are looking far too much into this.

My advice is to get stronger. Keep pushing so that your squat is 585x15. But I’m sure others will want you to “walk out heavy weights” or other such nonsense. At some point, at usually it is the first 10 years of consistent training - you have to push and get stronger.


Thanks, Jim! I appreciate the good advice.