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Squat 225X52


Wow this absolutely crazy, I can't believe that somebody would want to do this or want to put their body through this. And all of that at just 165lb BW.


Impressive, but looks like he is wearing a blouse...


occlusion squats? i dunno, a tourniquet on the thigh kinda of seems like a recipe for fainting or something... bad.


i guess it is impressive because hes only 165, but as far as that weight and the way he was squatting(i'm assuming for someone of a height closer to average), i don't find that very impressive honestly


52 of anything is pretty impressive. he beats me by about 30 reps, and i have more than 40 lbs on his body weight.


He is also lunging 405 fucking pounds. THAT is amazing.


Um, if he did that at 30 lbs heavier that would be impressive. I knew when I read this thread that someone would be hating and there would be a "his form needs work" mention.


Strong guy, no doubt.


dont be naive, the only reason i mentioned his form is because i find personally that when i use a similar technique, i only use about half the energy it takes to squat the way i normally do (and i also found that i got better growth when i didnt use that type of technique either, for what its worth)


What technique are you talking about? Not locking out? It is generally harder...


try it and see, really (unless you already squat that way, then try another technique to notice any differences)

i would be just fumbling around if i were to try to explain without showing video (especially to those that dont want to hear it (i dont know if you personnally do or dont, DaveyD)


That's breathing squats taken to a whole new level...:slightly_smiling:

Reminds me of the 8 minute squat routine...look it up on this site.

So, he's probably doing his 20rm or whatever for 50 reps.

Also, not locking out probably saved his knees. I mean shit fuck he's doing 50 goddamn reps I don't care how the fuck he does them provided it's a good effort and not some gay personal trainer 1/4 squat.


definitly not knocking the cajones, tough stuff


your a doosh bag :\


Very impressive. Not much else to say.


If you read the side info it says he did a lot of heavy squats before that, and that he thinks he could probably do 75 reps.




the 405 lb. lunge is insane.. this guy is a freak.. and he says he ran a marathon a week later wtf?

pretty serious lifts at his weight..


ummm again fml



ilr614, i agree, i'd go as far to say that my personal perception of what is most impressive in the weight room is my greatest character flaw. Please counsel me so i can live up to your golden, 10 post, '09 standard.