Squat 180kg in 6 Months

So, after dabbling in strength training and some physique training, I have decided to finally chase and pursue my dream: to squat 180kg x 1 in 6 months.

My current PRs:
120kg squat x 3
100kg bench x 1
150kg deadlift x 2

I’ll be mixing in different stuff every week, but I’m focusing a lot on my squat. Oddly enough, even though I fare better in my upper body lifts, my legs are way bigger and I have received many comments from my peers (way too many times) that my legs are too big.

WHO CARES. I’m going to get bicycle wheels for legs and no one’s going to stop me!

Will be logging in my training as means to see whether I’m improving or not on my own programme.

I have the same squat as you and the same goal but in a longer time frame. Curios as to what your program looks like as well.

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adding about 45kg to your max squat in 6 months is quite the task… particularly if you’re not a really big guy, which I’m assuming you’re not. What’s your bodyweight?

Perform a lot of reps. Lots of sets of 8+ are what works best for me, with some heavy doubles and triples mixed in. Don’t attempt maxes often. Work with weights you can handle but are still challenging.

I don’t think you have to worry about your legs getting ‘too big’… I squat nearly double what you do, and mine are not at that point. I think that numbers-wise, your bench vs squat are fairly ‘normal’. Those are reasonable ratios, as is your deadlift.


I’m hovering between 67 - 68kg, reaching the end of my cut soon. I ballooned too quickly and bulked dirtily, so my body was shite and I decided to cut.

I always worried about the ratio though, I’m afraid my squat can’t catch up to my deadlift but I recently hit a plateau on my deadlift, so…

Didn’t log in Day 1, but here it is:

60kg x 12
75kg x 8
90kg x 6
100kg x 4
110kg x 3
120kg x 2
122.5kg x 1

Paused squat (3 second at the bottom):
75kg x 3 x 6
60kg x 1 x 12

Conventional Deadlift:
90kg x 5
100kg x 5
110kg x 5
120kg x 4
130kg x 4
135kg x 3
140kg x 1

Bench Press (powerlifting form):
40kg x 15
60kg x 6
75kg x 6
80kg x 4

Incline Bench Press:
30kg x 4 x 12

Close-grip bench:
50kg x 4 x 8

This is my ‘normal’ day. I’ll be upping the intensity (but lowering the work rate) in the subsequent session.

these are 2 different movements. Why would you have any expectation of them to be the same, or even particularly close? Everyone has different natural leverages that generally either favor one lift or the other. It’s actually rare for both lifts to be about the same. I know a guy who squats about 200 lbs more than he deadlifts. I know a guy who deadlifts 300 more than he squats. It doesn’t matter. My deadlift is about 50 lbs more than my squat.

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Generally speaking, people can deadlift quite a bit more than they squat.

Especially true for beginners/not very strong people.

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Thank you. I always wondered if the ratio really matters.

Forgot to log in Day 2 again, but here goes.

50kg x 8
65kg x 6
80kg x 6
95kg x 3 x 6

3-Count Paused Squat:
80kg x 4 x 10

100kg x 4 x 6

Stiff Legs:
30kg/side x 4 x 10

Barbell Underhand Row:
60kg x 3 x 8

DB Row:
30kg x 4 x 10

Pull Up (3-second negative):
4 x failure

Forearm curls: (superset with DB holds)
15kg x 3 x failure

DB holds:
30kg x 3 x (at least) 30s

This was a day ago. Time for day 3 today.

Day 3:

Hands down the best squat day.

60kg x 12
80kg x 8
100kg x 5
110kg x 3
120kg x 3
130kg x 2
(I’ll do 132.5kg next week).

Paused Squat:
100kg x 3 x 3

Conventional Deadlift:
100kg x 3 x 8
130kg x 1 x 5
140kg x 1 x 3

Cable Low Rows (my gym has this in lbs):
120lbs x 3 x 8
150lbs x 8

DB Rows:
30kg x 4 x 10

Wide-grip Pull Ups:
4 x 8 with 3 second negative

DB Grip Holds (I hold a dumbbell on each hand and I’m seated):
30kg x 2 x 1 min

So goddamned tired.