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Square chest - Genetics Over Work?


I've always been under the assumption that when a guy has pectorals that make his nipples point towards the ground, it's because he's has too much lower pectoral development. And that the square chest look was a sign of very balanced work between the upper and outer chest.

But then, studies like this:

would assert that the pectoral is hit the same no matter what angle you choose

Is it just a case of genetics then? Or is this study shortsighted?


Nipple placement is genetic for the most part.
Look at Roger Callard and Mike Mentzer. Both men have well developed pecs.

In answer to your question, there are countless variables from one individual to the next.


Dude, you were born with your nipples in a certain position. Training doesn't change that.

between this thread and the one about abs, it is clear more people need more time in biology books...less time in "articles".






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my nipples go to 11


strong advice


Anyone notice the bottom position of the bench press diagram in that article? Completely wrong. So lets just ignore that article.


OP what about Manipplation?


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big or small nipples?