Sqt/DL Form Check Request

Everytime I do a google search regarding technique I almost always end up on this website so I figured I’d go directly to the source myself.

I’ve include video of my high bar squat and conventional deadlift. Any advice would be appreciated.

And yeah, I know the angles of the video might not be ideal, but my gym does not allow video recording so I did my best to be discrete, hehe

Have you tried Olympic shoes? It looks like you are coming onto your toes a bit and you are a bit unstable in the setup. Olympic shoes may help (although it’s certainly possible they will do nothing).

I’ve considered the shoes but they’re out of my price range at the moment. I read somewhere that high bar squats and flat soled shoes do not mix and I can see why. I’ve thought about setting small plates under my heels but then I worry that the setup will be awkward.

In the meantime are there mobility/flexibility drills that you would recommend?

oh, and here is the video of the deadlift.

I do my high bar squats barefoot so I don’t really think it’s a big issue. For mobility I’d say anything Kelly Starrett is pretty golden. Considering your squat was basically a max weight, really solid on technique. Something always goes a little off on max attempts so it’s good for me. Only thing I would say is you can be tighter with your back on your set-up.

Deadlift you spend way too much time down at the bar before pulling. I think it is messing with your tightness.

Thanks for the tips. On my squat, I try to keep shoulder blades pulled back, flex my armpits, and imagine i’m bending the bar across my back. Any other cues for maintaining tightness?

Same question for the deadlift.

Chest up, for the squat.

Keeping my chest up on a low bar squat is easy(er) because I’m forced to in the position, but it always felt weird with the high bar. I started screwing around with an empty bar at home last night, keeping my chest up like I would in a low-bar squat, and holy s**t it hurt so good. I’ll be sure to keep working on that.

Thanks for the input everyone

That deadlift looks painful with the rounded back.

[quote]beastwalker wrote:
That deadlift looks painful with the rounded back.[/quote]

? what are you talking about he barely rounded