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Sqaut and Deadlift Videos

Hi everyone, been talking about posting some videos so here are a few. First one is sqaut at 245 second is deadlift 245 for reps, and third is 265 dead. 20 years old been training since october. 147lbs.

here is the rep 245

No offense but that is a 1/2 squat. Keep working at it though!!! Good deadlifts.

265 dead lift

Nice work. You look like you could pull 300 soon!

squats need work i know, thanks for the input. hope to do a revideo session soon.

Deadlift form looks good!

Those DL’s looked like warm-ups. Put some weight on the bar and go win yourself a medal. With the lighting it was a little hard to tell, but the form didn’t break down when you upped the weight and the speed didn’t slow down. Very nice. Keep up the good work.


[quote]elano wrote:
No offense but that is a 1/2 squat. Keep working at it though!!! Good deadlifts.[/quote]

And it looks like you’re leaning too far forward at the bottom of your “half squat”.

Work on your form before you go heavy. No sense in increasing weight if you can’t even get to parallel. The amount of weight you can squat means nothing if your form is bad.

Try box squats with lighter weight to practice going deep.
Also, set your pins low enough so your ass is just about on the floor when you get under the bar. Work on lifting from the bottom up. Moving weight from a position below parallel will strengthen this sticking point. Good luck.

thanks for the advice, was thinking of going light for a while with the sqauts to work on depth and form.