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Anyone watching this series?

These last 3 games (3,4,5) have been some of the most entertaining basketball I've seen in a long time. Too bad it had to be in the conference semi-finals.


I'm afraid to watch. The Spurs won tonight, though! So I might watch the next 2. :slight_smile:


yeah, great series and great postseason so far. it seems like every matchup is producing some amazing finishes.

looks like there's only one game left in this DAL-SA series though.


Great series, all within a few pts too!! Duncan has been playing much better, but most likely will be over @ Dallas. U never know though!

Btw, Manu won the game 4 the Spurs. He was all over the place, diving, stealing the ball. Great stuff!

THE BIG ONE! I cannnot believe the Cavs have won 3 STRAIGHT!!! Someone is winning a ton with the wagering! :-(( And it's not me! I've got some parlays goin, I should win.



I've been watching and definitely entertaining. The defending Champs are getting their butts whooped, winning by a point and Nowitzki may have had the win in the final seconds, awesome!


This pic is soooo funny! Sheed is eating his words!


The fact that the Cavs won 3 straight is ASTOUNDING. If the Spurs don't win the next 2 games, I'll be cheering for the Cavs in the finals. WHO expected THAT kind of play out of them?!?!


Lebron James has exceeded astonishly high expectations already. If you are not following this kid, you are truly missing out


That pic is hillarious!


See, every time I've seen him play he strikes me as a complete JERK. But maybe I'm not giving the guy enough of a chance. We shall see what the finals bring.


Spurs/Mavs matchup again tonight. I'm a little bit nervous!


You got it wrong, Sheed is the jerk, Lebron is a great team player, no jerk there! Why have you felt like he's a jerk??

Mavs will win back @ home, I will win my parlay :-))) Suns will beat Mavs, Heat & Suns in the final.

Sun will be champs, at least that's how I'm feelin' it! You heard it hear first here from bruceleewannabe! Place your bets now. I get 35% :-))


I gotta cheer for the home team - SPURS, BABY! Spurs 06!!

Lebron: Eh. I don't know. He just strikes me as a pompous, arrogant kid. Not unlike K-Mart. (Kenyon Martin.) And while we're on the topic, Artest is a jerk, too. And Kobe, while I don't think he raped that chick, I think he's an idiot, to. And Shaq - form San Antonio, baby. Went to the same school as a friend of mine, but a couple years ahead - he's a jerk, too! At least on the court, from what I've seen.


Great games. I donno about Suns beating the Mavs though. If the Mavs do make it through (they'd better!) I think they'll win the championship. We've got a VERY good team this year.

Anyway, go Mavs!


Most pro ballplayers are probably jerks. I mean, take a bunch of super talented super competitive alpha males and make them super rich and BAM! you get super jerks. I like watching them play anyway though.


Wait... you're kidding, right? I really have to question if you've ever seen him play. Maybe someone gave you Starbury highlights that were mislabeled as King James. Regardless, the kid is 21 years old and carries himself with more class on and off of the court than almost in the league.

Lebron has 6 career technical fouls. He has 4 last year, so I'll play devil's advocate there and say that could have been better (although I have to imagine it's tough to maintain your composure when you have to pass the ball to Ira Newble and Jeff McInnis). However, he had none this season. He's never had a flagrant foul. His A/T ratio is 2.0, and he was 12th in league in assists per game this season (6.6). If you don't like him, that's fine; but to say that he acts like a jerk anytime you've seen him play, that just makes it sound like you've never watched him.


This is true. You're right. They're all hopped up on adrenalin & testosterone. lol!


I did amdit that I haven't given him much of a chance. My team is the Spurs. I don't typically watch complete games of other ball clubs. It's left to highlights msot of the time.

Next time they play, I'll watch w/ an open mind.


I think ThatGirl77 is picking up on the media image of Lebron. I mean, the Nike commercials make him out to be some kind of godlike figure, and that turns alot of people off, I know I don't like it.

What about Tim Duncan? He never does those kinds of commercials. Compared to Kevin Garnett, who seems to have some kind of ego problem. There are a few stars out there who are still respectable and don't act like they all deserve to be worshipped. They are getting to be fewer with all these high schoolers coming into the nba.


You do make a good point; however, you are forgetting the Edge Pro-Gel commercial that the Big Fundamental did with David Robinson a few years back.

Not to knock Tim, because I love him, but if there were advertisers knocking down the door for him, he'd be everywhere too. Again, his nickname is "The Big Fundamental." As sad as it is, fundamentals don't sell shoes; flash does. If Tim Duncan had a selling point, Mars Blackman would be asking him if it's the shoes. I love and respect Tim as much as the next guy, but be realistic: if the opportunity presented itself, he would the same corporate whore that Lebron and KG are.