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Having read the Power Foods article a while ago I was aware how beneficial sprouts are, so I was pretty pleased to get a sprout germinator for Christmas. It seems like a cool idea, you throw a load of seeds in the thing and water them for a couple of days and robert’s your mother’s brother.

Anyhow, thought I’d share in case anybody’s interested.



YES these things are great and I need to make more LOADED with nutrients and abntioxidant above and beyond there full grown counter parst and awesome rich flavor.

Broccoli is LOADED and good for you used them as part of my mothers nutrition as well while we fought her cancer. anther favorite spicy sprouts DAMN GOOD on salads etc.

a tip while the spouters are great donwe waste the cash IMO. I had one and they are small etc and well you can make more and just as easy with old Metabolic Drive containers. Cut a BIG hole in the lid removing most of the top and then place cheese cloth on and screw the remainder of the lid on this will act as the filter to drain and rinse.

You can then make a BIG ol bucket of spouts rinse and dry out a bit store in the fridge with a paper towel in a ziplock keeps for a few weeks at best.

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