Sprouted Beans

I just found something in the store…it is this mix of sprouted things…for sure some garbanzo beans, what looks like lentils, peas, and barely? Not really sure.

What type of nutrition would this type of thing have. It is certainly tasty. Should I count it as a cup of beans? Garbanzo beans have a LOT of calories though…I looked them up and it said like 700 per cup? That must be wrong…all other beans seem to be on the order of 150-200 per cup?

Good question. I’d imagine there are some shifts during sprouting, but I’m not sure you’ll get any answers unless it’s already in a food nutrition database somewhere.

Sprouts are LOADED with micro nutrients more so then the parent adult plant.

As for k/cals etc well id follow the label as it prob is perty close closer then any guess we can give without knowing exactly whats in it and the amounts etc… If anything labels tend to try and trick you by stating a Lower amount small servings etc then a Higher one