What would be a proper warm up before running sprints? I have only ran them once or twice and the end result was aching knees. My knees hurt so bad I had to sideline lower body training for a few weeks.

I feel that my knee pain was do to not properly warming up. I would like to add them in my training and possibly find a group of runners and throwers to train with a few times a week. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.

do some high knees, light jogging, rubbing and massaging your knees. I have knee problems and I know what you’re talking about.


I’ll give you a sample warmup I use when I know I’m going to be doing a lot of dynamic stuff. For me this usually means a lot of jumping, but it would apply to sprinting.

Step 1- Raise Core Temperature
Usually for this I just jump rope for 3-5 minutes consecutively at a medium pace. The goal here is to raise your core temperature and get your heart rate up a bit.

Step 2- Dynamic Flexibility
High Knees
Walking Lunges
Mountain Climbers
Power Skipping
Leg and Arm Swings

Step 3- Power Potentiation
Medicine Balls are a great tool to use for this. I like to do 20-30 total throws of medium intensity. I a few chest passes but mostly underhand tosses (using the legs), backwards keg-toss style or push-press throws. After this I do my last warmup exercise which is usually a maximal vertical jump. That might be a good idea for your, or just a few sub-maximal sprints as a final warmup.

A good warmup for strenuous dynamic effort should take 10-15 minutes to do properly, IMO. I’m not sure what level of a sprinter you are. The faster you are, the more taxing it is on your body and the more you will need to warmup to get a good effort and avoid injury.

I think that the structure that has been given above is absolutely correct.

To simplify:

  1. Run easily for 5-10 minutes until you break sweat.

  2. Perform some dynamic flexibility
    exercises.As an aside static flexibility is out of favour but I have seen plenty of high level sprinters still stretch statically.

  3. Carry out a series of strides over 50-100m say 4-5 running progressively faster but not flat out

  4. Main workout

  5. Warm down. Easy running and static stetching.

If your joints hurt after a run - it might not just be down to tight muscles. You might also want to look at your diet more closely for good measure. Are you getting enough of the infamous omega-3 fish oils (not just capsules). Also, some swear by “glucosamine” etc. supplements?

One that I found after a lot of experimentation was Epsom Salts baths after a sprinting session. I used to have a hamstring problem after sprints, but (touch-wood) it’s not resurfaced for about 6 weeks now. I do all of the above (and the stretches already suggested), so maybe it was the combination. :slight_smile: