hey all i am new here so pls b nice to me.i wonna perform some sprints for loosin fat but cous its winter now i have to do it on treadmile. i sow some article here bout doin 400m sprinting so if may b someone got an idia for good 400m treaning on the mashine.
pls b nice and give some tips bout speed or incline.

Try doing some HIIT. An easy way to start is just do…

2 min at 60%
30 sec 90%
30 sec 60%

do this for up to 20 mins and then a warm down of 3-5 mins at 60%. You can also rest for longer in increments of 30 secs… so if you run for 30 secs rest for 60 or 90.

Try a heart rate monitor to gauge your exertion level. This will tell you how much speed or incline to put on the treadmill.

I’m sure others will have other opions on this but this is an easy way to start.

I did interval training like that a year ago to shed fat fast. It works great and is anything but boring.

BTW: Unless you’re 8 years old or dyslexic give us all a break and spell correctly. Thanks.


jus make sure to set you tread mill to at least 1.5-2%. more if you are keen. anything less is too easy and not representative of running at all…