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Sprints in Nike Frees


Just a quick question, does the recommendation to wear the Nike Frees extend to wearing them for sprints? on grass only? what about an indoor track? Thanks.


When I had a pair of frees I wore them everywhere, including sprints and lifting.


wear them everywhere


I was doing some agility drills on a basketball court with them and they completely ripped apart. Nike did refund them though so now I just use them for lifting.


I typically use my frees for sprinting/running, conditioning and everyday shoes. Usually for lifting I use a flat shoe.


nike frees piss me off. I managed to get two pairs for free (so I can't complain too much) but they both developed small tears at the heel within 2 weeks of owning them and then fell apart. They were the correct size for me and I really wasn't doing anything crazy in them just wearing them day to day and doing some of my weight training in them.Anyone else have this problem?


As long as you work up to it, you can do pretty much anything in them. I'd avoid lateral work, where it is pretty easy to sprain an ankle with the free, due to the elevated heel and lack of support. However, you can get frees with a strap across them which are meant to be ok.

I've had a pair of free trails for 18+ months, and they're still going. Heard that the standard ones are less durable though.


I've also gotten a couple of pairs free because I had similar problems doing agility work/sprinting drills.


I use my frees for lifting and sprinting, haven't had any issues so far. I have plantar fascitis, and the frees seem to have helped a little, extending time between flareups. Even doing sprints on concrete, the fascitis doesn't flare up any worse than my old Nike airs.


I have iffy knees so I only wear the Frees for lifting and general conditioning. For LSD runs I stick with my Shox.


I wear 'em to sprint.

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Wow. Great article Eric. As a basketball player, I've always worn the lightest, low cut shoes I could find and I've made it to nineteen years old playing day in, day out and never have I once sprained an ankle. BTW, what Frees do you wear? I was looking at the 7.0 trainers? Thanks


you can where them everywhere for everything.


Don't wear them on the basketball court they will rip. Besides that i wear them everywhere my favorite shoes.