Sprints in Cold Weather

My main problem in the past has been breathing problems from breathing in so much cold air. I want to run outside as much as I can before it really starts to snow and the track becomes a skating rink. Then I will have to fight an overweight housewife for the treadmill or bike at my gym.

Any help to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

Also for those who run in the winter, how do you dress? I prefer cheaper clothing solutions that going out and buying the entire line of cold weather Under Armor.

thermals, long underwear, and wind breakers. Solved all problems for me regarding warmth I dont run outside in the cold anymore though, I ended up catching something.

You’ll end up saving a whole lot comparing it to underarmor gear overall.

In the past I’ve just wrapped a scarf around my mouth and nose. That keeps my warm enough that my lungs and throat don’t hurt from the cold. If that isn’t working for you, ski and snowboard shops sell face-wrap things for just that purpose that probably work better. I don’t know what they’re called, but I’ve seen people wearing them.

  1. Albuterol. 2 puffs before I head out. You should see an allergy/asthma Dr. and get a PFT performed to see what’s up with your lungs.

  2. Marshalls sells all kinds of cool workout clothing for cheap. It literally is half the price of department or Sport’s Authority/Dick’s.

Move to Texas. You will never have to worry about cold weather ever again.