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Sprints for Fun and Recomposition

My friend 2A is now little bit bored in gym, especially from heavy strength work. As weather is becoming more and more sunny, he thinks about fasted morning sprints in nature.

He would wake up, pin hexarelin, mod grf and gh frag (thats why fasted, otherwise he would eat breakfast and have coffee), and than go out alternating very short sprints with walk for like 20 minutes 3 times a week + 3 times a week normal gym (mainly stretch + pump).

Well being is big goal here - he likes sun, nature and variety.

Is it sound? How would you program these sprints mainly for well being and some recomposition?

That’s like askin: “he plans on starting lifting how would he plan for body composition and feeling good?”

Sprint training is as complete as weight training, if not more.

Thanks, i didnt realize that.

I through it will be like 20 minutes, where 1/3 are short sprints (like 50 meters) and 2/3 walking (100 meters), and over time he will run faster, raise density (more running less walking) or prolong session slowly.

I through as a beginer and because looking good and well being are main goals, he would not need very complicated protocol. I saw it like addition of farmer walks.

Does this plan sound ok or i should rather start studying all about sprinting?

He first needs to learn proper sprinting mechanics… otherwise, running all-out with less than optimal technique is like maxing out on squat with poor technique.

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I know this isn’t something that can be taught online, like a perfect snatch or something else similar, but do you have any good resources to check out?