Sprints For Endurance?

hey guys ive been sprinting like twice a week lately and my speed has increased but will my endurance increase too? ive been doing short distance (25 yards) and long distance (60-100 yard) sprints…do i get endurance out of that 2 or just speed?

Your endurance for sprinting will increase, that is, your ability to run at higher speeds for a longer time. Not so much your ability to run mils, but that should improve a little bit also.

If you want more endurance, v02 max etc, do some 400’s ala CT’s running man. Maybe alternate workouts, one longer, slower day for endurance, and one faster, explosive day.

With Renegade Training, I’ve increased my endurance while never doing any endurance training. Sprinting (various distances but never more than 100 yards) and weighted and nonweighted GPP worked quite well in building endurance even though it wasn’t the goal.

So yes, sprinting will help build endurance better than wasting your time running or biking for long distances. However, that’s not to say that you’ll build the higher levels of endurance that those activities would promote, but you will have a marked increase in endurance thanks to the sprinting.

Do LitviSprints. I believe it was Dan John who posted an article about them awhile back.

I did them with dumbbell snatches that it was difficult to perform 6-8reps with per arm, then sprinted about 100y up hill and back to the starting point. Repeat 3 times with no rest between the snatches and the running.

The first time you do it you may or may not want to die, personally I almost threw up the first time - but it really improves your distance endurance and sprint endurance. If you don’t have access to dumbbells, just do some burpees for 8-10 reps in place of the snatches.