Sprints: Fat Loss While Keeping/Gaining Muscle

Coach I do a lift specific set up…I’m wanting to add 2 sprint workouts to this setup for fat loss without losing muscle mass.

MONDAY - Bench+ assistance (chest, biceps)

WEDNESDAY - Squat+ assistance (quads, hams)

THURSDAY - Press+ assistance (delts, triceps)

SATURDAY - Deadlift+ assistance (back, traps)

  1. If using progressive overload and getting stronger each workout, would sprints AFTER the workout still have that big of a negative effect on muscle growth due to the sprints turning off MTor?

  2. You recommended in the past to add Sprint 8 at the end of my Press workout…But If wanting to do Sprint 8 once a week and Poliquins protocol of 400m/4 min rest, 300m/3 min rest, 200m/2 min rest 100m… Where would you recommend I add these 2 sessions or how would you change my setup to make these work?

  3. Is there any benefit to very short sprints for fat loss / muscle gain? For example I saw a study that showed six 35 meter sprints with 10 seconds rest between each to raise testosterone and lower cortisol and increase power. Or should I stick to Sprint 8 and also 400 meter sprints?

Thank you for your time Coach!

Suggest you do sprints monday and thursday since you are not working legs with lifts on those days. I find deadlifts are particularly problematic when combined with sprints due to potential hamstring overload.

6x35m with 10 secs rest are not sprints. This is a tabata type protocal. The rest period is totally inadequate, if you try to sprint at this frequency you will pull a hamstring, or else you will do no more than a fast run.
Rest periods can be approx 1min per 10m run. ie 3 mins in this case. Ttat will optimise sprinting
I dont believe such short sprints will reduce weight as effectively as the lactate producing longer sprints. ie 80m ish and above. Unless you are a reasonably fit sprinter 300/400 may be a bit long, you will just do a declining speed fast run.

I would be interested to know what CT thinks about the use of extensive tempo for fat loss. eg 12x100, 8x200 at around 70% of fastest time over the distance.

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Do the sprints first. It will be better quality work ie. More effective.

Which type of sprinting protocol depends on your neurotype. Plus this sprinting is more like HIIT than actual speed training.

If your doing twice a week I would actually recommend one HIIT day and one aerobic power day so 3-5 x 3:00-5:00 min intervals before your workout.

1A sled pushes 5-15 secs emom
1B regular sprint 5-15 secs emom
2B 30-90 Sec intervals
3 Aerobic power or steady state
2A all of the above

The deceleration alone after the sprint will eat up a good portion of the rest.

I dont like it.

I will lead to shitty technique REAL fast and increase the risk of injury.

To me, true sprints are about quality and you can’t have quality with such rest intervals. To me this is exactly like doing Crossfit (high skill movements done explosively with very little rest).


Coach if you have time could you also take a look at those first 2 questions I had. If you could help me with those I feel I’ll have my home workout all set up!

I know u are busy so if not I understand.

Thank you!