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Sprints Every Day

Hi Christian,

I seems like lean and muscular sprinters are the rule, not the exception. I know a few, and I also know they eat crap for the most part, but they also go to track practice every day. Do you think it’d be beneficial for the average joe trying to gain functional size and strength to perform sprints, say 5 times per week to stay lean and/or lose fat while gaining muscle (while implementing a sound nutritional strategy such as the P+C, and P+F rule, making sure some of the carbs are taken after the sprints).


All-out sprints are extremely hard on the CNS, probably more so than any “basic” athletic movement. It’s unthinkable to sprint all out 5 times per week. This would lead to CNS overload within 2-3 weeks, which will result in ecreased motivation, stagnation in the gym and lowered muscle mass.

Top speed sprints (up to 80m) can be performed twice per week. However you can include up to two other running sessions in tempo format: running at around 80% intensity over 60-100m for example.

When going all out the number of “reps” should be between 4-6 with ample rest time (a sprinter will wait, as a rule of the thumb, 1 minute per 10m … so if he sprints 50m he’ll rest 5 minutes between runs). Obviously sprinters want to maximize sprint quality. For someone interested only in improving his looks, rest intervals of 30 sec./10 ran is adequate.

However to shed the body fat, 200-400m runs are best.

Ah, thanks for your time Christian - I’ll try the logner rests with the shorter distance as I will mostly be doing it for fun.