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Sprints Day After Strength Workout

Hi, I read your last article about rules for athlete above 40 years old and I have a question regarding that. Will sprint/Hiit day be akceptable day after stenght work?

Monday: FBW strenhgt focus
Tuesday: sprints/hitt + farmer walks
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Push + quads
Friday: Pull + hamstrings

Thanks for some feedback

Hey Tomijon,

Im not CT, but I still think I can give you a helpful answer to your question.

First of all I would advise you to think about your current plan. I dont see any real “direction” or reason for a split like this.

Regarding your question: You can do it. If its mainly for burning calories/cutting I would advise against interval training. Steady state cardio or a simple walk are much better in that regard, because they dont spike cortisol as high. If you simple have to do it for whatever reason keep it short. Like 30-45min. But never, really never run sprints with minimal rest as cardio. Thats pretty useless and asking for an injury. You run intervals at max 70% of your max speed. If you do sprints, take long breaks. About 1min for every 10m/10yards.

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