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Sprints After Deads or Squats


well i do sprints 2x/wk and one of those sprint days fall 4-6 hours after either a deadlift day or a squat day... So i was wondering when would it be better to do a speed session, 4-6 hours after heavy deads or 4-6 hours after heavy squats?


If at all possible, sprint first. Sprinting is highly demanding on the nervous system and is better trained when one is fresh. I always sprint first and it's working well for me.



Personally, I don't think either situation is going to be beneficial to your training.

Why not just change your heavy DL/Squat day so as not to coincide?



trust me i would if i could but as it now my routine is:
mon- weights/sprints
tues- tempo/cardio
wed-weights/agility and cardio

To the first reply... i do sprints first on one of my sessions and then weights first on the other b/c i'm really weak and i want to get my strength up.


You definitely don't wanna sprint on your leg days.

Kelly Bagget seem to know his shit when it comes to speed development and leg strength training. He recommends strength training the legs on one day, like a mon, and doing speed and plyo work on another, like thur or fri.

Unless your cycling, I dont see how your gonna avoid overtraining your legs doing sprint work and leg strength work on the same day. Either way, whatever workout comes second with be hampered.

You would be best of hitting sprints on an off day, or do them on a press day. From my experience, Ive found I can sprint fine on press days, but pulling muscles are used more in sprinting(my experince), so if I gotta work out and sprint in one day, I do it on press days.



It looks like you have a prety good hi-lo template there. As RJ said, you generally want to sprint first, but if you have a huge strength weakness, then you might be better off lifting first. I think I would still sprint first though.