I have decided to split my leg day into two days. Quads and calves, then hamstrings and abs on another day. I’ve heard sprinting is a good workout for the hams and I am planning on incorporating it into my workout. Here’s the question: Should I sprint first or use them as a finisher after my workout?

Use sprinting as a finisher.

I would do sprints first.If you do the weights first, your muscles become fatigued and sprints are such an explosive and intense exercise that you are very susceptible to injury if performing them with pre-fatigued muscles.If possible, split your workout into a two-a-days schedule leaving atleast four hours between the sprints and the weights.

I prefer them afterwards. I used to do sprints and stairs after a smashing leg workout, actually increased my recovery time.

it could go either way. It depends on what kind of lifting you plan on doin, and what kind of sprinting you plan on doin.

I was always told that when working out you should follow this order of training:

  1. Speed Work
  2. Strength Work
  3. Hypertrophy Work
  4. Cardio

To cut down on the risk of injury, sprint first.