Hey Jim,

I notice you shifting more towards steady state cardio vs. sprints/hill sprints/prowler sprints. Has experience changed your mind? Would the best thing to do be to save sprints for a time when you want to dedicate a block to conditioning and just nix it when training for strength and/or size?

Fuck no - steady state cardio is for losers like me. Sprint.


If you want to push yourself and be more than human, sprint. I think I earned the right not to sprint - seeing as that is all I did for 22 years of my life. Have you earned that right yet? If not, train like an athlete. Using steady state is ONLY used for recovery, not for training.

Unless your body is fucked up beyond belief, don’t look for an excuse. Like the “Assistance Loophole”, people continually want to find the “Conditioning Loophole” and the “Nutrition Loophole”. Dedicate yourself to something more than camera-hungry Facebook whores that are on display.