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Sprinting Workout

If doing sprints once or twice a week for body composition for a natural what type of workout would you recommend? A few 400m sprints? 200m sprints? 50m? Etc… I would just like a general guideline if you could offer your opinion.
My weight training focuses on the 4 main lifts with very low volume similar to best damn program.

Thank you

How is it similar to the best damn program??? Seems more similar to 531.

Anyway, the proper type of conditioning work will depend on your neurotype, so I can’t make specific recommendations without knowing it…for example 400m are great to help someone lose fat BUT a Type 1A will eaily burn out on it and we do better on 100-200m… Type 2B will do great on 400m and Type 3 might do better wtith 400-800m