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Sprinting with Spikes vs No Spikes


Hi ducklings!

I have been doing some sprinting for conditioning lately and have been wondering if there is any benefit to wearing spikes while sprinting.
Obviously spikes will give you better grip and hence make you run that bit faster, but does the extra grip provide any benefit to conditioning/muscle development?

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Running in spikes was to be as close to race conditions as possible. Think of it as vibrams before anyone thought about running barefoot. They'll potentiall focus your attention to running on your toes more but that assumes you already have good sprinting form.

Plus, in my experience, I've only seen sprinters use them and that was when they were practicing starts or running shorter than 100m.


Spikes are to sprinting like straps or chalk are to deadlifting.


Thanks friends.
From now on I will were spikes at all tmes when sprinting.

This is slightly off topic, but does anyone know of any simple drills that promots faster sprinting?

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I like Vibrams for sprinting on flat surfaces, but if doing hill sprints, use cleats.


The only time I've ever used my track spikes from HS is when I run hill sprints in the winter. Helps grip the ice...
Not too sure what the point would be otherwise.
Unless you're training to compete, and then it would useful to practice starts, etc in them.


strengthen your hip flexors, do running knee ups and heel kicks, so some over striding a few times a week.


Simple drills for faster sprinting?

Best thing IMO is to do sprints but keeping the distances relatively short and rest periods generous. You build speed through not beating yourself into the ground when you train.

I've also had a lot of success with plyometrics and overall increases in power rather than strength. Olympic lifts and short sprints are your friends when you're trying to build speed.


are you talking about track spikes while sprinting on a track or cleats and sprinting on grass?

I prefer spikes/cleats for sprinting on grass because you dont slip on your start (which can lead to a muscle tweak/strain) and its better grip to help you slow down after you reach your desired distance.


CornSprint And Asooneyoing; Thanks for that.

Gregron: I use my soccer cleats when sprinting. And I think you make a good point about preventing injuries via slipping.



unless your competing dont use them. your feet will thank you, they werent meant to practice in all the time, especially if your not running track. if you really really just have to get them though get ones made for distances of 400 meters or over, made with more cushion on the heel. sprinters spikes should only be used when running at 90% or over or doing starts


ok so you're doing sprinting on grass... I would use cleats. You're training for soccer and you'll be playing in cleats so why not wear the shoes that you're going to be using in competition, plus slipping when you start a sprint and slip its a mntal mind game.