Sprinting While Doing CKD?

I’m gonna be trying a ketogenic diet soon, and I sprint 4 times a week currently. I’m thinking about just putting in another refeed day if I’m too drained. Anyone have any experience in this kind of thing? If so, any advice?


I personally would never do sprints, especially 4x a week, along with insufficient carbs.

I feel like it genuinely decreases the quality/speed and would never be able to fully recover.

Again personally, post workout carbs are definitely necessary for me to recover properly. However if your aim is pure fat loss and not interested in optimal performance, give it a try and see what happens.

Dont have much experience in this, but I think 4 sessions a week would be way too much when on a keto diet.


Heres my basic program: M/T and Th/Fri I do prowler workouts @ 6am Fasted ! Thursday is ugly heavy at 75 seconds work with 4:1 rest/work. Friday is 85% of Thursday weight with same rest/work. Sat/Sun is am bike and late pm hiking. Mon is 50% of Thursday with 3:1 rest/work. Tuesday is 35% with 3:1 r/w ratio with tuesday night mountain bike race night +/- 45 minutes of ugly cardio racing.

Tuesday nite and all day wednesday is a huge CARB refeed zone. Also, moderate carbs sat and sunday nite after 7pm.

At the age of 46 I have not been this lean since I was in my 20’s and wolfing down Haagen-Daz after my weekend cycling training : )

It took about three weeks of this for my body to adapt, yet I have been doing this now since my birthday in MARCH and I do find it is working very well…

Good luck and much success…

Take a look at this thread dealing with carbs and HIIT type conditioning:

Cliff notes:

You need carbs in the diet to perform optimally on HIIT (sprint) type conditioning. You can still eat lowish carbs, but you need some.

Thanks for the input guys. I’m gonna try it out for a week then see if it works

Thanks guys