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Sprinting Variations


I run sprints a lot and was wondering if any of you guys know of any sprinting schemes that help with fatloss. I run mostly 40's and 20's. I recover fully between each sprint to ensure that I'm running at full speed. I know a lot of guys take very short breaks to get in better shape.


Find a high school or college stadium and sprint up and down the stairs. You may have to break in (Disclaimer: I do not endorse said activity and will not be held responsible for any legal penalties or bodily harm) but it is definately worth it. You may also want to check out the WSFSB II in the recent article submissions.


Or you could find a park with a hill, sprint up the hill, and jog down around the long way. Repeat 20 to 40 times. A former Carolina Panther taught me this trick.


if you compete in sprinting this can compromise your power and technique.


again,if you compete in sprinting this can compromise power and technique if the hill slows you any more than 10% of flat surface top performance.


i just realized that i attempted to drop two solutions without giving any alternatives.

so, if you compete in sprinting you'll hafta add high intensity sprinting wisely because of possible deleterious effects. if you dont have adequate low intensity training you could add that.

if you dont compete in sprinting then why are you asking this question. just do more and eat less.


If you are only looking for fat loss and don't compete in sprinting, try CT's "Running Man" article on this site. I'm in the middle of the 12 week program he describes in it. There is good variety and you are done in 15 minutes.


I love sprinting too, and I compete in it on a irregular basis.

Everything by CT is great, 200 or 100 meter interval training and such, but what I love to do are shuffle sprints in sand.

In fact, anything in sand, will make your calves and upper legs so strong you will feel like a feather once you're on the road or the track.

Running in dunes is great for that matter.

I also like sprinting 100 meters, doing 50 pushups, another 100 meters, 20 high-jumps, 100 meters, 50 situps, etc ... I bet you can improvise.
This is clearly for fat loss though, and does not aid performance per se.

For fat loss, you best stay between 200 and 400 meters. Anything below that is less effective if that's your goal.

If you're feeling like a bad ass, you can always do that Cooper test.
Do they still do that in high schools, actually ?