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Sprinting / Steady State Cardio Equivalencies


I'd like to add some sprinting into my workouts, in place of steady state running on a treadmill. The problem I run into is this, and if others have, please chime in:

I KNOW how much running at say 7.0 mph will burn for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. I know how my body will react to it. With sprinting I have NO clue what the equivalent for fat loss is to say running 6 or 7 miles per hour for 30 minutes. It's not something I want to experiment with because I don't want to under-do it, and fuck up a cut, or over-do it and lose a shit ton of muscle. Anyone else feel this way?


The only way you'll ever know how YOU respond to anything like this is to try it.

Sprints and steady state work are two entirely different animals, so there's not going to be a formula for giving "Equivalencies."

Be conservative and start on the low end in terms of volume if you're concerned about potentially over doing it.


Sprints/Plyo's are much better. You'll get a harder workout in, in less time. Plus you aren't going to lose any muscle mass if your pre/post nutrition is in line. Explosive movements are always the way to go


In many cases, sprint-type workouts are good, but once you add a significant amount of muscle and are pushing big weights, steady-state cardio becomes more beneficial since it's usually safer/easier on joints and doesn't impeded recovery. In fact, it can help speed recovery if done properly.


True true. I guess I just assumed since they were even asking they probably don't have a significant amount of muscle yet. And I'm an athlete so anything that will make me bigger, quicker and able to jump higher is great. Maybe it's just a little biased


Yeah, I can't run on my knees without pain and pretty much being a cripple for a few weeks. Fasted morning steady state cardio has been a god send. I have been slowly lowering BF, and maintaining if not getting stronger (this is a fatigue thing right now), while being able to eat more & feel hungrier.