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Sprinting & Steady State Advice Please

Hello all.

Looking for some advice,

First of all with sprinting, i have taken to really liking sprinting 1/2 times per week. Is there a particular set of distance i should aim to sprint with a set amount of sets? I do have an athletics pitch near by that i can run around / across. So far i’ve tried going as far as 100 meters all out, walking back, taking some water then repeating. Could i also possibly be doing these 1/2 sessions per week when on a bulk also or would it affect muscle gain?

I currently do some steady state cardio post weight lifting. I do about 15 minutes of either run/cycle/jump roping. I read 15 minutes cardio post workout was best for all around fitness and fat loss while not affecting muscle so much, is that correct?

Cheers guys

Check out CT’s “Running Man” article, and the 400m sprint workout described in it. I’m currently doing it, and it’s great!

depends on your goals, i do 16, 40 yard sprints in the wash, wednesday i do 8, yd sprints with a tire sled, 8 without it, and a few gassers

I think it depends on what you are looking to gain. A sprint can be anything from 10m to 800m. I am a former/current track athlete so my experience is / will be different. If you are just trying to ‘stay in shape’ and ‘stay fast’ distance shouldnt matter much as opposed to training for a certain race 400m per say.
100m (ish) sprint with a walk back recovery is a good one (I would say between 8-12 reps depending on the day).
Ladders are also great 400, 350, 300, 250, 200 for example (for rest you can experiment with 2x how long it took you to do the sprint).
But, TBH if I was just looking to do some sprinting for the ‘fast twitch’ effect and for ‘general fitness’ I would keep it short and sweet… 400 repeats are no joke and lactic acid will appear. I would say keep it under 200m and on grass / turf if possible.
Sand sprints are also a good / forgiving idea. If you have access to a beach. Also, ‘aqua jogging/ sprinting’ is another good mix up (esp if you’re doing it with out the aid of a ‘flotation belt’.
Hoep this helps! Good luck!

I think worrying about muscle loss while doing cardio is very over-stated.

The amount you’re doing won’t hinder muscle.