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Sprinting Shoes


Hi all,

I'm thinking about adding sprinting to my current program where I lift 4 days a week. I read a few articles on this site about sprinting, but I couldn't find anything that specifically talked about what kind of shoes to wear. Should I use track spikes or are shoes like Nike Frees fine? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Barefoot, homeboy.


I used to use spikes for competitions, but if you're just doing it casually I'd say it's a waste of money.


If you're not doing it competitively then there's not much reason to pay for fancy new sprinting shoes. They do make a pretty big difference, but I don't think it matters if you're sprinting for aesthetic purposes.


^^Yeah what he said.

You dont need to go get spikes if you're just doing it for conditioning. Maybe a pair of cheap cleats if you plan on sprinting on grass but regular shoes will work just fine (your start just wont be that great but that doesnt really matter)


For recreational (ie, you are not a competitive sprinter) purposes, Frees are fine, as long as you are used to wearing them for other purposes and won't be bothered by the lack of support. Nike Zoom Waffles also get great reviews, although I've never used them myself.

If you are doing hill sprints, you might want to drag out an old pair of football/soccer cleats, but that's sort of a bridge you can cross when you get there.