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Sprinting of Puking

I am going to give Coach Poliquin’s new lactic acid program a try. I thought about a couple of spints either after the workouts or on seperate days. He doesn’t make mention about “cardio” in the article. Any thoughts friends.

For what it’s worth: I consider “sprinting” (in its various forms) to be too good an all-round exercise to ignore. I don’t care what program I’m on, I incorporate “sprinting”-type exercises somehow. The physical benefits make this a must for me: Lower LDL cholesterol, improve lipid profile, cardiovascular, VO2-MAX etc. increases and all-that good stuff.

I personally do high-intensity cardio either on “OFF” days (as far away from strength-training as I can), or, if need be, on “ON” days again about 8 hours apart from any workout plans I have. I enjoy it and it’s definitely better than being a couch potato, even if it’s screwing up with with my growth/fat-burn/recover. :slight_smile:

Live long & strong,