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Sprinting & Legs

Anyone have suggestions for a routine to work in sprints with weight training the legs? It seems like one often leaves my legs too exhausted for the other.

just start out with shoter accelerations maybe 10x10 meters with 1-1.5 minutes rest between. as you progress you can add distance and lower reps while increasing the recovery. 1 minute for every 10 meters run is a good amount of rest but i usually need a little more. once you get used to sprinting before your lift, you can do different types of sprints. good luck.


I think your asking about complex training. There are some articles on complex training if you use the search for articles option. However, I think true sprints and lifts do not mix very well.

If you would mix them it would only be for a workout or two at the peak of your intensity period. Most of the complexes done involve a 400 or 200meter run immediately after squatting or deadlifting. So they are fast runs, but I wouldnt call them sprints.