Sprinting/Leg Training Balance

Hey all, just read Chad’s article “skinny leg syndrome” and am planning on really picking up on my sprint training. He recommends sprinting twice a week and heavy leg work twice a week. My question is on how to schedule this, while still allowing for recovery.

Is it OK to do something like this:

Mon- Heavy legs, 20 minute high incline walking

Tues- Chest/Back/Shoulder HEAVY, 20 min incline walking

Wed- 100 meter sprints on the track- sprint 100, jog 100, repeat till a mile is completed + stadium stairs
PM- Biceps/Triceps

Thurs- Heavy Legs again, 20 min incline walking

Fri- Upper body, 20 minute incline walking

Sat- 100 meter sprints on the track- same as Wed
PM- full body workout- some squatting involved

Sun- 20 minute incline walking

Is this TOO much for the legs? Or will they still be able to grow, provided nutrition is in line? I am the epitome of the skinny leg syndrome subject, so I really need to make sure everything is on target so these suckers can Grow!