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Sprinting & Jumping to Save My Dignity

Long sotry short, I gave up from soccer. It just was not for me. I started track and field again. I will be competing in the 100m dash and long jump. Today was my first day sprinting since my shin splints which started last week. Today, my shin were 80% ok. No pain during running but a numbing constant feeling. In a week they will be 100% ok. Also I haven’t lifted any weights in the last 3 weeks. I will start next week. Damn, I miss heavy squats. Today all I did were:

10 minutes jogging.
20 minutes stretching (I suck at stretching).
Some technique work on how to run.
3 sprints at 50%
1 30m max sprint in 3.54
1 40m max sprint in 4.60
1 60m max sprint in 6.61, this translates in about 11 seconds for the full 100 meter dash. Not bad, considering I haven’t done a sprinting session in 4 years. Heavy squats have really paid off.
Morning weight was 95kg. A bit heavy for my height (1.85m), but we will see.


Did 20 minutes of jogging, listening to double-time USMC songs. Loved it. Then, I stretched A LOT. That’s all for today. From next week starts my normal workout.


Did kight jogging for about 10 minutes, the I stretched, then did 2 sets of 5 100 runs in about 60-70% of maximum speed. Stretched more, then left. Shins are relatively ok.


Did 30 mins of jogging and run about 3.5 kilometers. I suck. Nowhere near an all out effort but still, I suck. From next week I am going to start hitting the weights again YAY!

Nothing to update, since I only do some 20-30 mins runs and stretching. Today I have some sprints. I will update after practice.

I’m on board


Run 2 laps, stretched my ass off, then did some corrective exercises for my running, then I streched a lot more, then did 4 100m runs, 1 120m run and 1 150m run all @70%. The times of the 100m run were 13.92, 13.92, 13.89, 14.25. On the last sprint in the last 20 meters, my legs felt like jello. I suck at endurance, flexibilty, mobility, and running technique. So, this is where I am going to work a lot. Also, I have games coming on February 25, where I am going to run the 60m run, shooting for a sub 7 second run.


Did a warm up as usual with a buttload of stretching, then some running technique work, then ran:

4 20m maximal sprints dragging a 10kg sled. Didn’t time the runs, but they were faster than last time, partially because I have started remembering how to start a sprint and partially because I can take a longer stride after all this stretching. Then ran a 100m run, 100% up the 20m mark, then retained that speed. No idea again what the time was. At this point, my shins were painful, so I stopped and didn’t do the 120m and 150m run. My coach asked me were exactly the pain was and when he tried to massage it, I fell down from the pain. 1 hour later, He would use all his power and I would feel minimal pain. If anyone know why my shins are doing this, I would more than happy to know. Diagnosis is inner shin splints, but aren’t they supposed to hurt the same all the time? Anyone who can help, I would love that.


4 minutes of bike, then 6 minutes Tabata. I did dumbell swings and squat presses, but my tendinitis on my left shoulder flared up, so I continued with swings and DB front squats, which was a fuckload more difficult. I got up to 210 BPM by the end. I suck.

So I guess I say good luck on your way to a track and field career?
: /
Anyways hope you get better soon (shin splits)

[quote]young n wrote:
So I guess I say good luck on your way to a track and field career?
: /
Anyways hope you get better soon (shin splits)[/quote]

Thanks man, I appreciate it.


Today I was supposed to do some 10 and 30meter sprints, bau due to really bad weather I ended up skipping on stairs. I would do them as fast as I could, then walk back down, jog to the next flight of stairs about 15 meters away. Then I would jog back to the start. I did 2 sets of three (6 flight of stairs total per set), then I did a set of 6, skipping the first time, going 2 steps at a time (like sprinting), the sevond time. In the last, I reached 210 BPM. Tomorrow I am going to sprint probably. My shins still hurt, but not something unmanageable. They are better than 3 weeks ago, which is a good sign.


Warmed up, then what I did could only be called as hell. Ran 100m, walked back, run 150 meters, walked back, run 250 meters, walked back, run 300 meters, walked back. My legs felt like jello, my lungs were on fire and I wanted to puke. For one more time, it is being proven that I SUCK at conditioning. Afterwards, I did:

Walking lunges, using something like arunning technique, I have to get a video to understand this:
30kgx8 ( 4 on each leg)
60kgx8x4, at this point my right glute and left hamsting locked, but I continued.

Hang power cleans (these left badly gassed out)

Hang power snatches

I was supposed to do 3 sets of snatches, but my whole posterior chain was so badly locked taht I couldn’t walk right for the next 6 hours. Today, my traps, my lower back and my left hamstring are sore as shit. Man, it feels good to be back.

Back at the weights again. How are the shin splints?

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
Back at the weights again. How are the shin splints?[/quote]

Better than last week. They are healing slowly but steadily( and with the kind of workouts I do I don’t complain). In 9 weeks is the games I am going to take part in, so I believe by that time they should be gone. Right now, I have pain and agony everytime I think about standing up, walking or doing anything else that requires my lower body. I haven’t been this sore since the 20 rep squats I did 2 years ago.


Just did lots of stretching my whole body, massaging and icing my shins. My shins are about 95% healthy now, should be 100% tomorrow so I can really destroy them in practise and get them back at 70%. I believe this is how I am going to heal them. Resting them for 2 and a half days so they feel 100% ok, then doing my normal workouts. In a couple of months they will be as good as new. Still sore as fuck.


Warmed up, did a lot of stretching again, some technique work and then did 4x30m, 3x40m and 2x60 meters. As sprints went by, I sucked even more. Only the first 30 meter run was ok, at 3.54. Everything else went straight to hell with the worst being a 4.80 40m and a 6.95 60m run. I suck and endurance and it is being really clear now. After 3 sprints, I almost puked, that’s how bad I suck. Anyway, by summer I am hoping ofr a 10.6 100m run, so I to Helsinki with my national team on European games. Now that will be good times.

28/12/11 AM workout

Lifted weights. I hate the workout since I did:

Leg extensions, leg curls, calves, hip flexors, bench press, BB rows, biceps and one more all for 6x8. I did 6x6 and in the bench press the low back cramped really bad, by the 4th set of BB rows was ok. I hate not squatting heavy. No more. Saturday is heavy squat day. My lower back is being weaker week by week and I can’t afford that. Fuck leg extensions and leg curls. Squats and deadlifts is what I am supposed to be doing. Shit, I hate this kind of workouts. I am going totalk with my coach to start training heavy again.

28/12/11 PM Workout

Was supposed to do some sprints at 80%, but my shin splints were way to bad to do anything except half a warm up. Probably the calf raises this morning aggravated the hell out of them, but I had no pain when I did the calf raises. I guess that it was only 4 degress Celsius outside didn’t help either. Anyhow, now the pain is sharp and in the edge and a bit inside on the shins, rather the whole inside calf area. I gues this is a good sign. After I massaged them after the PM workout, they feel great, no pain at all. Tomorrow is rest day, so 3 massages for my shins tomorrow. I guess I should be able to practise normally on Friday. Also, I weighted in at 95.4 kg this morning. That means, I have to lose 9kg by the end of February, while maintaining my strength levels. Yeah, totally doable LOL.


I managed to keep my pain in tolerable levels somehow, so I did:
3x100m @80%. Was supposed to do 2x120m and 1x150, but my stomach just said no. I am so intolerant in lactic acid. My shin pain is weird. It is there constantly, except when I sprint. When I sprint, it hurts way less than when I walk. Also, I hurts the msot about 10 seconds after each sprint. Weird things happen. Oh well, I will just keep massaging and icing them twice a day and see what happens.