Sprinting in Wrestling Shoes/Otomix

So for a while i’ve been doing sprinting for leg work and i’m getting good results, but i’m considering buing a pair of otomix stingarays ( Stingray Weightlifting Shoes | MMA Stingray Escape Shoe )
I belive they are kind of like wrestling shoes, so i’m wondering if anybody has expirence running or sprinting in wrestling shoes or otomix? Will the shoe get weared down and ruined?


Why would you sprint in wrestling shoes and not running shoes?

I’ll be using the wrestler shoes for lifting and i don’t want to spend an extra 100 bucks buying running shoes as well, but im conseanerd the wrestling shoes will get worn down pretty quickly

Some people get shin splints like crazy from that.

They probably will not last long, but I like them! The white pair. Buy the white pair!

Why would you buy a pair of bodybuilding shoes and ask if you can run in them? You’d be better off lifting in running shoes. Or getting a pair of cross trainers. Or get your Otomices and a cheap pair of running shoes like these:

Those aren’ cheap!

If you’re going to do sprints in those, I’d recommend starting out spending a few weeks acclimating your feet by running some short, warmup distances (400-800 meters) then doing sprinter warmup drills such as butt kickers, high knees, skips, ankling, form running etc. After a couple weeks, or whatever feels right, start adding real sprint work until your doing full workouts in them.

By the way, this is free advise from a USATF National Champion. Your welcome.

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So you’ve sprinted in wrestling shoes before??

I would invest in a pair of running shoes and wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes weren’t really made for running in them so I can’t see them lasting long. They’re made for use on the mat. I don’t have any experience in wrestling and very little in track events, but I do use boxing shoes often and I can’t ever imagine using them for sprinting.

You can run and lift weights in these. Vibram Five Finger Shoes.

Takes a little getting used to though.

You can get “sprinting shoes” (light XC/track flats) for like $20 (old versions) on ebay/amazon etc. Just search “cross country flats”, or “xc flats”.

These are crazy fast shoes, I have a pair but they are a half size too big. Even then, they make you feel so springy, definitely great for forefoot dominant sprinting/running etc: $20



Tons of results. XC flats are great for sprints/short intervals. They are also great on grass, any distance. If you find something, just try and find the official shoe specs and see if it’s < 5 oz. A good shoe for sprinting should be about <= 5 oz. Generally the lighter the better. You probably won’t find anything under 3. So, 3-5 oz is a solid range for shoes to sprint in.

Once you realize how cheap XC flats are, you shouldn’t worry about shoe cost etc. The shoes I mentioned first are < 4 oz, crazy strong/durable, and engineered to make you fly. Definitely more intense on the lower leg because of what they are built for, but that’s expected with sprinting.



Somewhat related, this one shoe i’ve always dreamed of trying. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere, they don’t make it anymore and no one has it available in my size:

Mizuno Wave Universe 5, 2.8 oz. It was apparently an incredible shoe. I mean, it just looks fast no?


When I wrestled in HS, we’d do sprints on the mats.

I think it’s good as long as you can keep it indoors. I don’t even step foot outside in designated gym shoes.

What about on treadmills?

I personally wouldn’t to protect from wear and tear, but then again I also wear different shoes each for when I leave home to go the gym (outside converse or vans), for my warmup (indoor only converse), for my squat/bench (heeled shoe), and deadlift (slippers).

The military and every super physical job I’ve had since then all taught me one thing, if nothing else - do not fuck around with your footwear. Coddle your feet, dude. Spend the money on a decent pair of running shoes. You need shoes to absorb impact, and you also need shoes to give you a stable platform when you lift.


I lift in wrestling shoes and use to do conditioning in them as well. Wouldn’t recommend running/sprinting in them cause it can hurt your feet, but for something like prowler work, their are the best.

As a wrestler I would say don’t sprint in them (unless you’re sprinting on a mat). Those things have absolutely no padding and whenever we condition outside of the room my knees kill if I don’t change shoes.