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sprinting(for Coach Davies)

Coach Davies I have added some of your complexes to my routine and they pretty much kick my ass. You wrote that article saying the complexes were for normal guys wanted to train more like a renegade. I was wondering if you could give my something similar for sprint work and agility drills. I know you are a big fan of GPP and the wheel barrel. I always do the renegade jump rope routine for a warm up and right now I do not have access to the wheel barrell. If you can give me a renegade program I can do outside the gym that would be great. I would like to increase my speed and agility and maybe drop a little bodyfat in the process.

Glad you liked the complexes. With regards to your agility concern do you play any particular sport or more generalized. Have you started with the rope work yet (see archives for an article on rope skip work) & do you have access to cone’s / ladders?. I look forward to assisting you. In faith, Coach Davies

I would also be very interested to see what coach davies would cook up on the speed and agiltity latter