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Sprinting: Exercises, Supps, and Tips?

Have some questions on sprinting.

-What are some exercises you do to help you gain speed.
-What supplements do you use to help you sprint.
-Any good techniques on building muscle mass while at the same time building speed.

Btw im not looking for fat burners just looking to gain speed and muscle.

  • plyometrics, short sprints with resistance (harness/weighted vest), weighted jump squats

  • steak, coffee

  • squat and lift heavy. 5/3/1 has a good structure

Is there any particular distance you want to get faster at? Quads are important for starting speed but hamstrings become more and more important as the sprint distance increases, so make sure to hit your deadlift variations and find a way to glute-ham raise as well.

Google Kelly Baggett’s site (he is the author of the Vertical Jump Bible). He has a lot of excellent free articles on jumping and sprinting. I would also recommend his speed development book for good training programs.

You don’t really need supplements.

If you build muscle mass while training for speed at the same time, you won’t get slow.

100 meter 55 meter 200 meter 300 meter.
JUmping includnign long and triple if you know what these are.
Some hurdling.

Oh, so you want actual track and field training info. I thought you wanted sprint training for football or something. In that case, a good general book I’d recommend is the USA track and field coaching manual. It goes into decent detail about technique for all of the events in track and field including info about starts, hand-offs, and other specific skills. It also has rudimentary track and field conditioning info, which is OK but somewhat dated.

Ed Jacoby’s Complete book of jumps is also a good read, but you will probably need an actual coach to help with the jumps because it is difficult to learn them from the book alone.

Charlie Francis’s site has forums on sprint training, but the discussions can get very technical and would probably not be very beneficial to you in terms of info you can use. He does publish an OK ebook called the Charlie Francis Training System, which I found hard to follow, but has some good nuggets of info you can use.

A good forum you can learn a lot from is the elitetrack forum. It doesn’t seem as active now as it was when I regularly read it, but you can learn a lot from reading old posts.

Except for possibly the 55, strong hamstrings are essential for the rest of the events you listed. Even if you are genetically gifted with strong hamstrings, strengthening them along with the glutes will greatly improve your performance.

Snatch-Grip Dead lifts, power snatches, and front squats are some of my favorites.

Sprinting is about form, force production, and rate of force production. Being strong, and how fast you can generate that strength.