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Sprinting Clubs in NY?

-The point of this post-
Anyone know of running clubs in the northeast, specifically NY, that include sprinting (100/200)? All the clubs I ever see are all distance.

-The story behind, if you care-
So I realized the other day that I’m too old/not good enough to get playing time on my colleges football team. I’ve played football ever since 1st grade, minus 2 consecutive seasons I missed because of basic training and ACL Rehab. The work I was putting into training/studying just wasn’t going to justify the playing time I might get.

Lifting weights just to get huge isn’t enough for me, I need some type of competition. Bodybuilding has no appeal to me, strongman is a possibility. But I also ran track in high school and did fairly well. After doing some research I found a way to train full time for the Army track team for the next olympics. The way to get in is to run the Olympic B standard (10.2 for the 100/21.x for the 200 I think) and do it in competition. Hefty goals?? Of course, thats why I need others to push/get pushed by.

I did stay in pre-season long enough to test out so here are my numbers, let me know what you think.

40yd dash - 4.6s and 4.72s
Pro agility - 4.3s and 4.0s
300 yard shuttle - 55s and 57s
225 Bench Press - 17 Reps
Squat - 405x7
Power Clean - 225x7
(all were done on the same say, running in the morning and lifting in the evening)
Height - 5foot 9ish
weight - 195 Lb

You’re going to be hard pressed to find a good coach. Might want to try researching such as checking out Charlie Francis and start looking into doing some of your own training.

Do you have current 100/200 meter times? You may want to consider dropping weight which may help your times drop as well. I think that the 200 meter standard may be more achievable with speed and conditioning being considerations, instead of mainly speed in the 100 (technique too of course). You may consider reading Michael Johnson’s book Slaying the Dragon, as well.

Barry Ross has written some interesting info on relative strength and sprint speed. There are some article on the web by him that may be of help to you.

Good luck!

I have Michael Johnson’s book, and it’s about much more than what goes on the track.

It gives you advice on how to cope with mind-games as well.

We have the same goals!

You want to be doingat least 2 days a week of real speed work.

Speed work- 10-60m Sprints, working on acceleration and top speed.This is what gets you faster.

Speed endurance- Runs of 120m-200m with short rests, varying the sets and reps etc. To keep things fresh.

Good luck.

The last time I actually had a timed 100/200 was in 2004 as a high school senior. Can’t remember those, my PR’s were a 11.01-100m and a 22.8-200. Both as a Junior in HS.

Those don’t matter much now seeing as it was 4 years and about 20 pounds ago.

I’ll make sure to check out MJ’s book, I know one reason I lost in State Qualifiers as a senior was because it was the first time I ever got passed on the corner and I tensed up pretty bad. Oh well…live and learn.

Cantona-do you do everything on your own or do you have a coach/club to train with?

They’re good times, make the most out of what you’ve got.

Ye,I have been at the track with just my brothers, getting back into things, ready to join a local club.

A few good athletes are unattached though, and don’t train with a club. Although they do have coaches.

I think training with a club pushes you to your limits, that rivalry in every sprint you do, trying to be the winner.

Yeah, I assumed that getting to an elite level can not be done entirely on your own, hence my search for a local club.

I appreciate all of the suggestions so far and I already order MJ’s book.

Since I haven’t trained specifically for the 100/200 in years I’m looking for some training logs. Does anyone know where to even start looking for these, besides google? Obviously I’d love to see the logs of top tier athletes, but as of now I’m sure anything will help get me back on track.

You should check out the Charlie Francis forums, they’re pretty much all about speed and sprinting www.charliefrancis.com/community/index.php