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Sprinting and Seals


Hey party peeps,
I have a client of mine who is currently going through part of the SEALs program and is saying his run time for the 4mile is slower than he'd like.
ANy suggestions from anyone with similar experience on getting faster for this?
He is probably training in boots, cammies, and on hard packed sand.(I believe he is pre-hell week) Sorry for lack of full details, its hard to text the SOB on base.
Thank you much


Seems kind of last minute/too late to start preparing for this if he's already started.
I'm not really sure what recommendations to make b/c of this time frame.
- Maybe beta alanine, or other endurance increase supps/herbs/foods although I don't think they allow supplements during this process.
- Carb-loading(?), I think alot of iron man athletes do this(not entirely sure if this is still the norm)
- Proper hydration
- Look after his feet
If he was to properly prepare for this in advance, I would suggest(off the top of my head):
- Ruck marches
- Increasing relative strength
- Cooper tests
- Optimize body composition

Get selected for special forces has a pretty good breakdown of preparation for that.


Hope things work out.


What part? He's already started BUDS?

he most definitely IS running in boots and pants on sand for every run (especially every timed run)

Honestly, there isnt anything that he can do now.

he will not have an opportunity to work on his run time unless he gets rolled. Right now he better just keep his head down and not fall out during the runs.


Hey guys,
thank you for the response.

There is only so much I can give out: A) I dont want the kid found out B) I cant get found out. So Im with holding info as well but let me try and fill in the blanks.

Pre-BUDS, His run time was on par he was good but he wants it 2mins faster (roughly) and or just wants to be faster. As far as everything has been described you can be ranked with in your class and he wants to rank high, fucking-over-acheiver :wink:
For sure he is running with boots and pants on sand. He has started to practice 200m and 400m sprints weighted and unweighted for rounds with equal time off for rest. So if 400m is 1:20 he rests 1:20 and may start making the breaks lower than time run.
I trained the kid for a year or so and he is in pretty good shape and used to doing SEAL pt.
Beta alanine is a good suggestion over all. Dont know if they will allow him to have it though.
I will ask him about hydration, food and feet - good call.
He was cleared on all that stuff prior to leaving for basic.
THanks again!


^^so is he out in Great Lakes still or down here on Coronado?

Do you know when he classes up? (his BUDS class will likely have 150+ people in it so he won't be "found out" I'd you give a few more details)

I understand his wanting to be "ranked high" thing but he would be better served by staying middle of the pack until after Hell Week. He's going to get a lot of extra "attention" if he's trying to be the "superstar" of the class and that's not a good thing. Extra attention isn't a good thing when you're a white shirt.

He won't be able to use any supps, only a multi vitamin. For hydration, theyll have him drinking a lot of water, as far as food goes he'll eat 3 meals a day in the galley or MRE's if they're too busy to get in for regular meal times. Not a whole lot of options there. Plenty of Carbs and decent protiens


Are you a sailor GR?


Not anymore. Got out a little over a year ago but a lot of my friends still are. My buddy who's coming over today to BBQ is a BUDS instructor but is on med leave for a hernia surgery


Cool and good to know. I was at Miramar and at sea in the early 90s. Thanks for your service, it is appreciated.


Thank you both.
Greg - roger, we have informed him of all of this and he knows pretty damn well. We are apart of a large seal community so we have plenty of intel regarding every aspect. I was just trying to see if anyone had any special tricks up their sleeves. Im gona sum this up by telling him to stop running like a bitch.