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Sprinting and Lifting

I want to start sprinting more, I currently do once a week. This is how I was going to set it up
Monday: squat day and then endurance sprints
Tuesday: upper body and top speed/accel sprints
Wednesday: pretty high pace hockey game
Thursday: dl day and endurance sprints
Friday: upper body end top speed/accel sprints
Weekends are off, maybe a low intensity pick up hockey game sunday night

Sound good? or too much?
23 years old, 185, dl 395, squat 355

[quote]MSM87 wrote:
I want to start sprinting more, …[/quote]


There’s a big difference between training to become a better sprinter and using sprinting as conditioning work.

What the hell is an endurance sprint?

I used to do sprinting before starting weight training and must have been like 150 pounds and quite quick 100m in 11.7 seconds, i thought weight training might slow me down but if anything iv gotten quicker even though iv stopped sprinting, just depends on what your goals are though to get quicker, accelerate faster or reaction time.

Way too much work unless you’re a collegiate or competitive sprinter. If you’re using sprints to condition you don’t need that much. If you’re a collegiate sprinter, they should be programming your training.